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locksmith miami

Miami Locksmith - Service IN Miami

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            if you need Locksmith ? we are in Miami you can call 24 hour and we halp you 


 we have full service in Miami - call today 


We are the best company and provides the most favorable prices

We have everything technical area we try and do the best for our customer

We work day and night 24 hours

We have a professional technical studying the work 3 months and all have licensed locksmith certification

We have an operator answer the phone 24 hours 7 days


Locksmith License By City Of Miami - 01136LK


locksmith licensed by city of miami
residential locksmith in miami



  • change locks

  • re-key locks

  • install lock

  • repair locks

  • high security locks

  • master key

  • pick a lock

  • all lockout


commercial locksmith

Commercial services


  • professional service

  • install any locks

  • high security locks

  • repair any locks

  • master key 

  • re-key locks




full service car locksmith in miami

Automotive Services 


  • car lockout

  • car key

  • repair ignition

  • all key for car

  • program key 

  • key cat


Magic Key Locksmith - have full service in Miami

pricing is the best fur all service in Miami

we are family company professional services we are Location in Miami

we have the best service for you 24 hour 7 day

you can call us if you need the services 

Magic Key Locksmith|technician come for help

(305) 304 6505


need Locksmith in Miami Beach

State License#01136-LK      

Google guaranteed

100% Customer Satisfaction 

Licensed & Insured and Bonded for your protection
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